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Local Support

Kevin’s work has included the design, implementation, and maintenance of the firm’s statewide computer systems, the billing systems, computerized legal research programs, dictation programs, telephone systems and everything related to the technical side of operating an office.  Kevin provides the highest quality IT Support to Central Coast Law Firms, Start-ups, and other local businesses.

On-Site And Remote Assistance

Whether you need to bring a consultant in on your system upgrade project or are looking to reduce IT costs by outsourcing maintenance and support, Kevin is available to help Central Coast  businesses.  Relocating or reorganizing your company and need a site inspection of the propose site network infrastructure, call Kevin.

Network Security

Firewall configuration for one or multiple offices. Secure network communication for remote employees or office to office company resources.

Manage Growth

Kevin’s vast experience planning infrastructure growth in a variety of sectors makes him a trusted advisor to local businesses seeking the right growth and scalability options.